Tangy yet sweet. Subtle yet savory. This is the taste of the Middle East.

Outstanding cooks from the Middle East don’t have recipes. They learned how to cook from their grandmothers, and from their grandmothers before that, in an unbroken chain of culinary tradition. Ask a Middle Eastern cook how she made the piece of heaven you’re biting into, and she’ll laugh. “I can’t explain in words,” she’ll say. “You have to see it, feel it.”

Old City Brands began in 1978 from a line of acclaimed Middle Eastern cooks. Our goal? Bring that elusive traditional taste to your table.

We make sure to only use the freshest and highest quality ingredients, sticking as close to the practices of our talented culinary forebears as possible.

Old City Brands’ popularity increased so rapidly that by 1984, in addition to our catering business, we decided to share several of our products with the general public. Today¬†Old City Brands proudly supplies some of the world’s most prominent universities, hospitals and supermarket chains. Sambusak is our flagship product, and we’re constantly working to bring out new lines of classic Middle East delicacies.

We’d love to bring the heavenly taste of the Middle East to your corner of the world as well. It’s not to be missed.

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